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Friday, May 3, 2024

The Magic Detective Podcast Breaks the 50,000 Mark


Breaking 50,000 downloads is quite the milestone for this little podcast. And I am grateful beyond words. Yet, I'd like to make it to 100,000 FASTER than it took to get to 50,000. A lot of the blame lies with me not getting out episodes regularly. I get them out, but not on a very consistent schedule. Various reasons, which usually boils down to work taking over. If I had a 9-5 job, I could do the podcast regularly. But I'm a self employed magician and that means I'm doing most everything myself. It's that old saying, Show Business is made up of 2 parts, show and business. The show is such a tiny part of things, it's the business stuff that take the majority of the time. And when it consumes my time, the podcast gets put on the backburner.

But even though, I've not had a new episode since February, the podcast still shot past 50,000. This is due to new listeners coming on board all the time. I just discovered a had a couple more 5 Star ApplePodcast Reviews, again, I am so grateful for those!

In honor of the 50,000 downloads, I've got a contest for you. This one is different than the one which will be on Episode 100. Today, May 3rd is the birthday of an iconic magician. What was this iconic magicians middle name?  Send your answers to:  put the words: 50,000 Contest in the subject line. Include your name, address (in chase you win) and the ANSWER to the question. I'll draw a winner from among the entries. OH, and the winner will receive a piece of authentic magic memorabilia.