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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Magic Detective Blog In the Top 20

I was just looking over at and found out that this blog is in the top 20 among all magic blogs. They first notified me a couple years ago that I had made it into the top 75. Very quickly, the site had moved to the top 50. It's now in the top 20, and it's possible it was higher than that at one point, but I've not been posting as often, so that can change the outcomes.  By the way, the podcast is ranked #4 on their podcast listings and I'm confident I can hit the top spot before too long.

The good news for this blog is, I'll be posting more often here at the blog. One of the first things I'm going to do is take the Feature Transcripts from the podcast and put them here on the blog. This way I can add photos, and links and other things that I cannot do when I'm just chatting on the podcast. And I can give a list of my research references.

You'll notice the previous article on the site is on Karl Germain. This is the first transcript from the podcast that I've added here. I've been able to include some photos as well as links. I did have a little bit of editing to do to make the article work on the blog, but that's to be expected.

You may also have noticed a new header on the site. This is to keep my Magic Detective Branding in check. There will be more changes in the coming weeks. And I expect to put more content on here that will not be used in the podcasts.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Magic Detective Blog In the Top 50 Magic Blogs

I just received an email today letting me know that my blog had reached the Top 75 blogs over on However, when I went to look, I noticed the site is actually #46, which means I'm actually in the top 50 blogs! Though there doesn't appear to be an award for that, I still had to point it out. Let's see if we can put into the Top 25 Blogs next!

In June, you can expect more great content. I've got a couple Houdini articles that should be finished for early in June. Then more surprises coming, including the June Magic History Contest.

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