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Friday, March 25, 2022

Happy 148th Birthday HOUDINI


March 24, 2022 was the 148th birthday of Harry Houdini. I'm not sure what was up this year, but it seemed like every single magician on Facebook had a post about Houdini's birthday, far more than the normal amount. That is very cool. 

I had planned on doing a Houdini Week of video tie-ins with my Magic365 Project.  On Tuesday I did The Trick That Fooled Houdini. But Wednesday a major sinus headache kept me from making a video. Thursday, which was his birthday, I produced two videos. The first shows an escape from a pair of Hamburg 8 Handcuffs, but then a bit of history on the cuffs and a shot of me wearing Houdini's own Hamburg 8s. Then a second video posted later in the day had a routine I created on Houdini's Vanishing Elephant Illusion. It used a common piece of magic apparatus, a Silk Cabby. I realized one day that the Silk Cabby was very similar in look to Houdini's Vanishing Elephant Cabinet, at least from the descriptions. We don't really know exactly how it looked because it was never photographed, nor does it survive to this day.

I have one more video on Houdini but I won't be posting it until Saturday. The Elephant video has not received near enough views yet, and I haven't posted it over on Instagram. So I'll use it for tomorrows video and then post one more new one on Saturday. Below are today's two videos, enjoy!