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Monday, December 18, 2017

The Art of Magic Stamps 2018

These are impressive looking. It's nice that the US Postal Service has recognized magic as an art. I do like the artwork for these, though not particularly thrilled with the subject matter. The Rabbit/Hat is iconic to magic, though, you could count the number of magicians who pull an actual rabbit from a top hat on one hand, and likely no one does it currently. The Turban Wearing Crystal Gazer is another  kind of tired image. but hey, I like the design work, so I'm not going to complain. Im THRILLED the USPS will have these available. I'll be using them like crazy for business, as well as saving a bunch for my collection. I still have tons of sheets of the Houdini stamp from a few years back.

Here is a write-up I found on the stamps, "The Postal Service celebrates the art of magic with this pane of 20 stamps featuring digital illustrations of five classic tricks magicians use to amaze and delight audiences: a rabbit in a hat (production), a fortune teller using a crystal ball (prediction), a woman floating in the air (levitation), an empty bird cage (vanishing), and a bird emerging from a flower (transformation)."

The designs were done by Jay Fletcher, his instagram can be seen here. I'm not sure the actual date they get released other than some time in 2018. Keep watching for them!!!