Saturday, April 6, 2024

The Next Podcast Will Be on Dr. Sesrad Meyers. Who???

Take a good look at the photo above. That is Dr. Sesrad Meyers, the clairvoyant, spook hunter, and carney. I will be profiling him in the next episode of my podcast. Why on earth would I devote episode #100 to such an unknown person? Well, you've got to admit, that there are quite a few episodes devoted to very unknown artists and some who were once well known but are now forgotten.

The man in that photo is largely responsible for the continued fame of another more well known magician. If history shows us anything, it demonstrates how easy it is to be forgotten once you pass away. Rare is the person who remains known, and even more rare the person who goes on to achieve legendary or mythical status. 

I didn't want to rush the episode, so it's going to be a few days yet before it's done. I have to get a work related project finished first, that takes priority. Then I can divulge the identity of this mystery artist. Do you know who he is?

Also, the next podcast is #100, which means I'm giving away PRIZES!!!! 

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