Monday, March 16, 2015

Alexander The Man Who Knows- Book Review

This is going to be a short book review. Why? I'll tell you at the end. But first, the book is called Alexander The Man Who Knows by David Charvet it's published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words and there are two editions. The book first came out in 2004, but shortly after the publication, a bunch of new information came to light. So Mike Caveney and David Charvet decided they would do a second edition after the first one sold out. In 2007, the second edition with updated information was published.

On the opening page there is a black and white photo of Claude Alexander Conlin, wearing a top hat, smoking a cigarette, and wearing a tuxedo. The text to his left reads:
The Man Who Knows


What more do you need to know? The book is exceptionally well researched. It's filled with incredible photos and stories. It's an easy read and it's a highly entertaining read. This is actually the second time I've read the book. I had read the original 2004 edition shortly after it came out and loved it. I just got this newer edition, and loved it again.

I've often said that there are so many wonderful magicians who deserve to have their life stories turned into movies. Houdini has had this honor several times. Robert-Houdin should have a bio-pic, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston, Max Malini, Chung Ling Soo, and without question Claude Alexander Conlin-The Man Who Knows.

In a previous post I had written that there had been a movie called "Eternally Yours" starring David Niven that was apparently based loosely upon the life of Alexander. I am not sure where I heard that bit of trivia, but I don't think it's true. So the time is ripe to have a movie about one of magics more colorful characters. Part con-man, part motivational speaker, part magician, Alexander was a fascinating individual.

Normally, I share a little bit more about the book, and in a previous Alexander post, I did tell more about his life but don't even click the link to the previous post (unless you're unable to get a copy of the book). Honestly, this book is so fascinating, just go out and buy it and read it. It's available through Mike Caveney's website.

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