Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another Book Update and More

The Conjuring Arts Research Library every summer for the last 3 years has had a special FREE book download. They offer a different book each week to download in pdf format. Many of these are hard to get and all are out of print. This week they have Prof. Hoffmann's MORE MAGIC. You can still find this volume from time to time on ebay, but here is a chance to get it for free! Just visit the following link this week
In addition they have a number of 50% off deals as well so be sure to stop by their site and check out what they have to offer.

Next is a surprise catalog by Potter and Potter Auctions. It's for the Magic LIVE Auction which takes place in Las Vegas on August 12th. Unfortunately for me, I won't be attending this year and this auction, unlike their others, won't be open to online bidding. Still, the catalog has great images and who knows, it might inspire you to head to Vegas!

To download the catalog or order a printed version, go here:


  1. You can still put in a bid ahead of time if attendance is not possible.