Sunday, April 28, 2024

Happy Birthday Joseph Dunninger!!!


Good Ole, Joe Dunninger was born this day, April 28th, way back in 1892. He died March 9, 1975, so he just made his 83rd birthday and then passed away a little over a week later. Largely forgotten today by the magic community and certainly almost completely forgotten by the general public. Yet he was an incredibly fascinating character and his life deserves a far more extensive look than has been done in the past. 

On my podcast, episode 99, I covered the Young Joe Dunninger, and sometime later I'll go over other aspects of his career, like his foray into Mentalism, his work with celebrities, his marriages, his radio and TV appearances and more.

For now, here is an item you might find interesting. This is from my collection, a billet used by Dunninger while he performed at The Blackstone Hotel in Chicago. It is approximately the size of a post it note.

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