Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Great Nicola Magic Festival

This is exciting news, that I just found out about. There is going to be Magic Festival in Illinois celebrating The Great Nicola! In fact, it's called The Great Nicola Magic Festival and takes place in his hometown, Monmouth Illinois. The festival is April 21st 2018, from 11am to 9pm. According to the website there are two sets of tickets, daytime and nighttime. There are various activities during the day and it's hard to tell if this is geared to the general public or magicians or both. I kind of think it is more towards the general public, which is great actually! It looks like it will be fun.

Hearing this brought back a bunch of memories, as I few years ago I was thinking of writing a biography of Nicola. I had gathered a bunch of information, notes and such and then.......well, not sure what happened. It may have been back when I was having some health issues which caused me to get sidetracked. And looking over this blog, there is nothing here about Nicola. Which means, watch this blog in the next few days for a Nicola article!

I know I had written a couple of them in my old blog, but I didn't get everything moved over, and that blog is now gone.

I see that David Charvet is going to be there, and I assume he is performing and probably doing the lecture as well. I would LOVE to go to this, heck, I'd love to speak there as well! But I'm not sure I can swing it. That week is already a busy week of shows and it's a 15+ hour drive from me. Still...

They have a facebook page at
And the webpage for the Festival is

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