Thursday, January 8, 2015

Seeking Assistance From My Readers...HELP!

I am trying to get someone to make a high resolution scan of the cover of Modern Magic by Professor Hoffman. There were several different covers of the years, I'm looking for the earlier editions. Any of the ones above are fine. I noticed that some editions follow a different color scheme, so that is ok as well. I'm looking to get a hi-resolution (350dpi) photo of a good quality edition of Modern Magic, that I can then blow up into a very large size and have it printed so I can put it on the cover of my Book of Life Illusion. If you happen to have a good copy of the book and would be willing to make a high resolution scan of the cover, I would certainly appreciate it. You can email me at

There are two editions I'm not interested in, the Dover edition of Modern Magic, and the one pictured below.

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