Friday, December 10, 2010

Houdini Eyes Painting

For those interested, I have another blog I'm doing strictly devoted to my artwork. As many of you know I do paintings of magicians. There are a LOT of paintings and in various styles. In fact, I'll be putting up some new ones in the next few days. The paintings are not just Houdini, though there are quite a few of those. The site is

The above painting of Houdini's eyes was done about 10 years ago. I wanted to capture the hypnotic effect of his eyes, so the only real detail in the painting is within the eyes. The rest is purposely left rather plain. And what you see in this painting is all there is, I didn't paint the rest of the face only what you see.
The only thing I'd do differently if I had to paint it again is paint it in a different color as the original is in GREEN and often the first thought people have is 'Incredible Hulk', lol. You can see the original over at my other blog.

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