Sunday, November 28, 2010

Houdini Film Corp in NJ

I take a few days off and now I'm behind on Houdini stuff! The photo above is directly part of a piece covered by both John Cox and Kevin Connolly. The funny thing is I was going to hunt down stuff related to Houdini's film career and studio when I returned from Thanksgiving vacation. As soon as I get back I find  both John and Kevin found something cool related to the topic. Please check out their links, the only thing I have to add is what that location looks like today via Google Earth. The current address is 216 19th St. Union City, NJ. The original address was listed as 216-222 Weehawken St West Hoboken NJ., it changed when Hoboken and Union City split up their areas.

UPDATE: Just got a better picture of the Warehouse. It is STILL standing! Compare it to the photo here It's the same building and it is still there after all those many years.

NEW UPDATE: Check out this development found at John Cox's site


  1. Ah, wonderful. Thanks. Never thought to look this up on Google Earth. :)

  2. I can hardly believe this photo. I originally posted one of those google earth shots from above, but I found this one. It truly is the place and it hasn't changed all that much.