Tuesday, May 14, 2024



Is such a thing even possible? Well, yes apparently. Back in 1978, acclaimed french film maker and magician Christian Fechner, filmed Slydini teaching many of his classic effects. From what I gather, no one had seen this footage but him and it became somewhat questionable that it even existed today. Thanks to the efforts of George Proust and the Musee de la Magie in Paris, you can experience for yourself a Masterclass with Slydini. 

The set comes with some props, it looks like the large safety pins and the scarves for this classic Knot trick. I don't have a complete list of what is covered. There is a video which shows quite a few things. The price is rather high, but I imagine there was an incredible amount of work that went into preparing these videos for viewing. It also looks like, at least on the trailer, there may be additional footage of Slydini throughout his career. I don't know french, but I believe this set it presented on a USB drive, I think. You'll have to consult the add and the site for more information. 

Here is the link to this magnificent new offering.


  1. I remember one clip of Sly doing a torn and restored cigarette. Sllllooooowwww. Clear. Nothing suspicious in the moves. Shows the cig. Fingers wide and delicate he tore it into 3 or for pieces laying each back on the table. Shows hands wide open front and back. Opens one hand wide palm up. Slllloooowly places each torn piece on his palm. SLOOWLY closes his fingers around the pieces. SLOOOWLY pushes the index finger of the other hand into his closed "fist" and pushes out the restored cig. F'ING awesome. Positively perfection! Do you know if that is included?

  2. I don't know all the content. I know its 5 hours of teaching. Clearly he teaches coin magic, a little card magic, his scarf/knot routine, paperballs looks to be included, his routine with the giant safety pins which Im honestly not familiar with. I know the cigarette routine is taught in some of the Slydini books. As is most of his material. But to see HIM teaching it will be a whole new thing. I'd be surprised if the cigarette material is NOT on here, because he was so well known for it.