Sunday, November 19, 2023

The Josephine Dunninger Auction RIGHT NOW....


This blew my mind. But right now, Nov 19th on Facebook is Part 1 of The Josephine Dunninger Auction. This of course as billed as the Dunnger Estate Auction and it's all stuff from Joseph  Dunninger's life and career. What shocked me was, I have a friend who purchased 'The Dunninger Collection' recently.  He purchased the Maxine Dunninger Collection and I'm not at liberty to give his name. I've seen the collection and there is some amazing stuff in that collection, and thats all I can say.

BUT, having said that, there are some equally crazy cool items in the Josephine Dunninger Auction. I've seen numerous photos of Dunninger backstage at the 1953 Houdini Movie with Tony Curtis. I think 7 or 8 of those got auctioned off. There are also some window cards that are incredible.

The auction will continue till 9pm tonight. Go check it out!

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