Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Magic Poster Exhibition in Germany

I just received an email from Wittus Witt in Germany notifying me of an exhibition he has of Barkow and Friedlander Posters. The exhibition is at Gallerie-W in Hamburg and runs from June 21 to August 31st, 2015. The hours they are open are Wed-Friday 2pm-6pm and Sunday 12-6pm.

The exhibition is dedicated to two printers, Barkow and Friedlander and the majority of posters appear to be those of Kassner. There are also some pieces of Dante's memorabilia on display as well. Dante performed for quite a long time in Europe before being forced to return to the United States due to the outbreak of war.

The poster on the left is Kassner 'Out of a Trunk' and is actually from my own collection. Please forgive the poor quality of the image as I took it from an older photograph I had of my old studio. Currently, the Kassner poster, along with most of my posters, is in storage.

However, this is not about my collection but rather, Wittus Witt's collection, which you can see if you are in Hamburg this summer. OR, if you're not, you can view the video below and get a good glimpse of the treasures in his collection. By the way, the website for this is

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