Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Few Items Of John Gaughan's Collection

First let me say, this is not my video. I've not yet been lucky enough to visit John Gaughan's collection. Maybe later in the year, maybe. But I found this online and any chance I get to see more of Psycho is a thrill for me. But then I got an even bigger thrill when I saw one of the automaton peacocks. I wrote about them here Now the one that John has likely did not belong to Robert Heller, but it was a popular prop in the 1800s. In the video above you get to see it somewhat in action.

I do intend to get back to the blog, before too long,  it's been a super busy time with performances and an audition for a TV show with the initials AGT. But I shall return soon to the blog. A friend alerted me to an amazing story that I HAVE to share once I get back. And I've got a couple other things I need to research and find images for. Until then you can stay in touch via my Facebook page if you like.

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